My History

I was raised under the influence of highly intuitive people--psychologist, psychic mediums and more... I remember since always, to always be able to "see" beyond the physical realm--with eyes wide open I would witness energy passing as watching people whom passed away. Starting to experience the profound effects of Reiki Healing, by the age of 14, was like coming back home. Which is exactly what I like to feel when I am working.

I have embarked on alternative fields and had studied Psychology, Natural Medicine (where I have learned bodywork, mostly), Metaphysical Studies, and have learned from different qualified Masters--from South America, Europe and Australia - further techniques in Energy Healing; Art Therapy, Hawaiian and Healing Massage, including a Traditional Reiki Master Teacher -- been teaching Reiki since I was eighteen.

My quests about life has been mostly answered through my spiritual work, that I have been now offering people, for almost a decade. I was born young in an old soul.

My Philosophy

You are your purpose and your journey.

I work with the psyche in every client; which is the inherent core of their individuality, as spiritual souls. Either is through healing bodywork, pure energy healing or even through a psychic consultation, the sessions that I facilitate bring forth the remembrance of aspects of their soul, mission and purpose. Finding the right wisdom and clarification by channeling information from spiritual source to release the multiple layers that stand behind the liberation of the mind.

I also hold no promises but an invite to receive in harmony and surrender to the grace of being--by then answering your questions and regaining more clarity towards where you are in, now.


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30 min session - $60
45 min session - $80
1 hr session – $100

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45 mins session - $80
1 hr session - $100
75 mins session - $115


45 mins session - $80
1 hr session - $100
1.5 hr session – $130
2 hr session - $150


REVIEW *****

Giovana is an amazing compliment to what already exists at The Medicine Wheel. She is a profound healer. While her massages are deep with good pressure, she is extremely gentle in her energy and very present and attentive. She's a gem.