Rodney Lochner



I loved staring at the stars as a kid. I got a telescope and was first interested in the hard science of space. But as a teenager I intuited the ‘energies’ behind them, which drew me to an interest in Astrology. I was always feeling peoples energies, and what I read of the signs made sense to me. In my twenties, I bought an ephemeris and the core Astrology texts, to make sense of myself and my relationships. My first practical lesson was myself. I am a Scorpio, but did not feel like one. Frozen water, piercing, inscrutable, extreme, with sensitively underneath a crust. I wanted to be a Pisces. I was dreamy and ethereal and far too open and silly.

In time I realised that Sun sign Astrology, what we read in the papers, could only explains one’s basic core, the general flavour of a person. But that there was much more to it.

With these understandings, I decided to work as a professional Astrologer. I have been doing charts of clients, friends, and family for many years. I am always learning more about this art. Recently, I have worked with Chirion (the Wounded Healer) and the Moon’s Nodes, to go deeply into issues of Love and Karma. Plus the astrological ‘weather’ of transits and progressions. I also work as an Art Director (design), writer, artist and musician, but Astrology remains my passion.



An Astrological chart does not show our ‘Fate'. Our fate is indeed written in the stars, but we wrote it there ourselves. Nor is it karma. Since all the things we experience in life, good or bad, we sow in advance. What we reap on 'Judgement Day’, when we have finished an incarnation, is the harsh light of our very own judgement. 'What do i need to learn next time?' Often we are hard on ourselves. But even if soul sets a life of tough lessons, revealed in a traditionally ‘difficult’ chart, it always contains the seeds of hope with which to learn and grow. To move beyond any ‘difficult' astrological configurations. And find joy within this life.

Because love is the reason and purpose behind all existence, I use Chiron and the Moons Nodes, and other techniques of interpretation, to find out where wounded love dwells in our chart. To offer insights, so your love might be healed. To balance out light and ark poles, the misunderstood urges to create and destroy, feel love or fear, which causes so much pain to ourselves and others. And in that balance, reveal what our mission might be. What we are here to create — and release. To live authentically in Love and Joy, aided by the astral tool of angels.






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1/2 Hour Session - $60
3/4 Hour Session - $85
1 Hour session - $100




REVIEW *****

Rodney is such a delight to be around. Loves people! And loves Astrology! He goes above and beyond the normal Astrology reading because of his ability to tune in and pick up all the extras, and to see in a world that exists only through our imagination. He is passionate about love and healing. Expect to get all kinds of advice or recommendations for growth and change from Rodney. He is a true healer.