Tina Woolridge



My History

I would consider myself an Integrated Body Worker who views the body holistically.

I first studied Massage & Reflexology and as my passion and love for the healing arts grew I furthered my studies in metaphysics through workshops for Reiki 1 & 2 and Energy Healing. I also have obtained training in Aromatherapy, Hot Stone Massage, Trigger Point Therapy and Thai Massage.  An Integral part of my practice is drawing from these modalities, which allows me to tailor treatments for my clients unique individuals needs.

I have also worked in a Chiropractic Centre where I gained a higher knowledge of the mechanics of the body.  I am also presently undertaking Yogic Studies that furthers my self development and strengthens my spiritual journey.

My Philosophy

I have a deep respect for the human body and believe massage and relaxation is the foundation of healing and balance.  It prepares the body’s innate wisdom to heal itself, nourishing the mind-body experience on multiple spiritual, physical and emotional levels. 

I work from an intuitive heart centred approach supporting you as an individual to reconnect to your body, mind and spirit thus aiding transformation.  The most important thing I can do to facilitate your healing and wellbeing is to listen, connect and be mindful of your needs.


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3/4 hr session -$80
1 hr session- $100
11/4 hr session - $115
11/2 hr session- $130


REVIEW *****

Tina has a calm and grounded energy and is warm and friendly. She is very aware of keeping her environment light and nurturing. Her massages are generally light to medium pressure. If you are after general relaxation with a bit of deep tissue then book in with Tina.